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N o t a t i o n   E x c h a n g e   Te a m

Anyone can read and listen to public notated rhythms
Members can store their PRIVATE rhythms collection
Members can exchange their public rhythms notation
DNET is based on Djembe Font notation (see below)

The Djembe Font is the simple symbol notation above
Bass: Low note - Tone: Middle note - Slap: High note
The Djembe Font is a freeware TTF font for Windows
Install the Djembe Font here in 3 simple steps!
1. Click the link above to open the Djembe45.ttf file
2. In the pop-up window, select Open and click OK
3. In the next pop-up window, click the Install button

Watch the Video Tutorials on how to use this site!

Before you start using the Djembe N.E.T. services you
can get a head start by watching tutorials on how to
make the best use of all the features.

(You can also watch them at any time from the link at
the bottom of each rhythm page.)

Join the Djembe Notation Exchange Team here!

As a member you will access the same public rhythms
as a non-member + plus all the rhythms that you add
yourself! You can choose to make some public (visible
to everyone) and most private (visible only to you).

You can easily copy public rhythms to your private
collection, just as if you added them yourself!

(The public and private notation you add to your own
collection can only be edited and deleted by yourself!)

Visit the Djembe N.E.T. User Group on Facebook!

Anyone can visit or join this Facebook group to ask
quesions or discuss rhythm and notation topics - or to
suggest improvements to the site. There is a link to
the User Group at the bottom of each rhythm page.

Contribute to the Cultural Context Keyword Guide!

If you know or want to know the Country of Origin or
the Cultural Context of a rhythm, you should look into
the Cultural Context Keyword Guide!

You can cross reference the Name, keyword Context
and Country of origin of all the rhythms in the list -
which will hopefully grow as Team Members contribute
to the collection of Rhythm Names.

Import all of your old Notation Playback rhythms!

If you have used the Notation Playback freeware for
Windows before, you can easily migrate your rhythms
and have your own private collection availible online.

Export or Backup your whole rhythm collection!

You can backup your rhythms collection to a printable
HTML file or to an exportable CSV file at any time.