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Welcome to the
audible (& updated!)
notation pages!

This is an online service for users of the Notation Playback program
and the Djembe Font - as well as for anybody else who is interested in
audible online rhythm notation for djembes, bass drums and bells.



Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 7+, Google Chrome 13+ and more...

Audible Online Notation! (See note above!)

The online notation playback feature uses the default sound control of your
web browser and requires no plug-in (unless it´s very old or a Mac version).

The playback accuracy and tempo limits are set by each browser
and cannot compare with the Notation Playback program.

Flexible Notation System!

If the Djembe font is installed in your system, you will be able to enjoy the
easy-to-read graphic notation. If not, you will just see (ascii) character notation.

On each displayed notation page there will be a Notation Legend, so you
will not have any difficulties interpreting the notation either way!

Import and Export made Easy!

You can import the notation of each rhythm to the Notation Playback program
either by downloading the file or by using the simple copy and paste option:
(Push the button at the bottom of each notation page to import to clipboard!)

You can export notation to the NP Rhythm Exchange by copy and paste only,
which requires that you are using Notation Playback version 2.2 or later.

Are YOU an NP User?

More than 25.000 downloads of the Notation Playback program
have now been made, most of which may be installed and in use.

If you are a Notation Playback user and want to make other NP users
happy, simply look for notation sources anywhere, enter the notation
into your NP program and then add it to the NP Rhythm Exchange!

Together, we could have all available notation sources everywhere
transcribed into the NP format and added to the NP Rhythm Exchange,
to be shared and enjoyed by all NP users around the world.

Just read the copyright notice below before you get started!

Continously Updated!

New rhythms and more notation entries are continously added to the NP exchange:
They will first appear on the Unlisted page and then be listed on pages of their own.

You are most welcome to make any contributions by using the Add Notation Form.
Any new addition I personally make will be announced on my Website News page.

Sources and Resources!

Each rhythm entry has an optional reference link to the source of the notation,
whether it be a Teacher, Website, Book, CD, Tape or Video.

By the headline of most rhythm pages there is also a Cultural Context link to
R Clark´s outstanding website resource.

What About Copyright?

1. There are no copyrights to traditional music - or rhythms!

Traditional usually means that it has been passed on for at least 60 years.

2. There are no copyrights to accompaniment parts and signals!

Due to inadequate originality - i.e. anyone may incidentally produce it - it is
not possible for anyone to own the copyright to individual parts and signals.

3. There may be copyrights to arrangements and solo phrases!

Complex non-traditional arrangements, breaks or solo phrases are always
safest to regard as protected by the copyright of the originator.

4. Products are always protected by the producer´s copyright!

You may not make printed or recorded copies of any product unless you
have the producer´s permission to do so - regardless if the product is
based upon copyright-free material. You may, however, freely use and
reproduce any copyright-free material that a product may be based upon!

The Golden Rule of Copyright

When in doubt, always ask for permission
before you use or reproduce somebody's work.
And when you do use the work of somebody
else - credit them!

Page Redirection

The NP rhythm pages can only be accessed from this page, as they are all created
in real-time from the NP database files that you select from the Rhythm Name list.

Any link to a specific NP rhythm page or notation page should therefore be made
to this page, or it will be redirected to this page automatically.



Copyright 2000 Lennart Hallström, Glasbruksvägen 57, SE-361 94 Eriksmåla, Sweden
Phone +46-(0)8-612 17 82  ·  ·  Cell +46-(0)70-725 42 63

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