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Notation Playback 2.2 is a Windows program designed to file and play back your notation of djembe, bass and bell parts. The program is based on the graphic Djembe font - but also allows you to write as well as print user defined ASCII character notation.

Simple Notation - the notes are inserted on the note line by "click and drop" or keyboard input. You can enter the name of the rhythm, the instrument used, what part and version it is, its origin and any additional remarks.

Simple Playback
- you can only play back one notation line at a time, but several lines can be played consecutively and then be repeated. The notation line is played back through the use of short samples of each notated sound, which are put together and repeated continuously.

Adjustable Tempo - you can choose any playback tempo by clicking on the Faster (+) and Slower (-) buttons beside the Play (>) button. As you listen to a selected part you will see a hand symbol moving just above each note that is being played - to make it very easy to follow.

Versatile Printing
- you can print a complete list, a selected interval, an appendix, all parts of the current rhythm and the current part only.

User Defined Notation - your notation can either be printed using the default graphic Djembe Font or the user defined ASCII characters. You can also print a notation legend that covers both of these options.

Import and Export Notation - you can easily exchange rhythms with other NP users by importing and exporting notation data files. You can also use the even simpler Copy and
option for the Notation Playback Rhythm Exchange at!

System Requirements: Windows 3.x or later and a soundcard. 8 MB diskspace (12 during installation) and internet access for online info.

Notation Playback is a freeware program by Lennart Hallstrom. You can download the latest version at (More than 15.000 downloads have been made!)

Have an on-line preview of its features, including playback!



Copyright 2000 Lennart Hallström, Glasbruksvägen 57, SE-361 94 Eriksmåla, Sweden
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