Previous Updates of Notation Playback

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Any changes made to public releases of Notation Playback are listed here.

(There has been no public release prior to version 2.0)

Version 2.2 (June 2000)

Adjusted Features:
The former Import/Export Preview option is now the Import/Export Editor,
from which all import and export procedures are managed.
The Export to HTML on the Tools menu is omitted (replaced by the Preview
option on the Add Form of the Notation Playback Rhythm Exchange).

Added Features:
Import from Clipboard and Export to Clipboard have been added to the Tools.

Version 2.1.1 (November 1999)

Bug fix:
The Backup/Restore tools are now fully functional - again...

Version 2.1 (October 1999)

(Featuring Djembe Font 4.5 and Djembe Sound Samples 3.x)

Bug fixes:
The version info in the About window on the Help menu is now corrected.
The annoying click sound after the second stroke of the tone roll is fixed.
The "Disclaimer" text is now available from the Product Overview menu.
The inactivated keys are now disabled in the User Defined Keys window.
The note buttons in the Edit mode now correspond to the chosen instrument
symbol at all times.
The Print option in the Help and Product Overview windows will now locate
the News.dbf file and print the currently displayed text.
The database engine is now fully prepared for the new millenium.

Adjusted Features:
The Playback tempo can now be fine tuned by repeatedly clicking the [+]
and [-] button.
The empty notation line for a New part will be as long as the preceeding part.
and the default instrument symbol will be the same as the preceeding one.
The support bar figures will conform to the length of the notation line as you
"click and drop" the notes of a New part.
Date and time has been added to the Program Version informarion in the
About window, while the font buttons have been removed.

Activated Features:
Appendix and Selected Interval on the Print Menu are now activated.
Bass/Slap and Bass/Tone flam have been added to the available notes.
Import and Export on the Tools Menu are now activated.

Added Features:
Lead-in notes can now be marked with an asterisk in the in the Edit mode.
When played back, the part will start from the marked note. When printed,
there will be an asterisk above the lead-in note on the notation line.
Chronological sort order has been added to the View Menu.
An OK Button that brings you back from the Edit mode has been added.
Parts which are notated with less than 10 support bars will automatically be
repeated on the same line to conform to the notation format of longer parts.

Version 2.0 (April 1999)

(Featuring Djembe Font 4.4 and Djembe Sound Samples 3.x)

Version 1.x for Windows 9x (1998)

(Featuring Djembe Font 3.x notation and Djembe Sound Samples 2.x)

Version 1.x for Windows 3.x (1995)

(Introducing Djembe Font 1.x notation and Djembe Sound Samples 1.x)

Version 1.x for MSDOS (1994)

(Featuring ASCII notation and three tone computer beep sound)



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