Importing DBF files from Notation Playback 2.2
Notation Playback is a Windows freeware dBase program made by Lennart Hallstrom back in 1995.
It is a 16-bit program that can not be run on today's 64-bit operating systems without a lot of trouble.

The online Notation Playback Rhythm Editor can be considered a replacement of the old NP software because it is basically the same functions that have been improved on in the online NP Editor 3.0.

Some 30.000 downloads of NP 2.2 has been made over the years, and those who are still using the program, or at least have it installed on an old computer can now migrate their rhythm collection to the Djembe Notation Exchange Team, where it will be privately accessible online through your browser!
Option A:

If you are still using the NP software you can export selected rhythms one at a time if you like.
Just use the Export option in the Tools menu and make sure you export to File, not Clipboard.
When you save the export file you should give it a suitable name (like kakilambe.dbf ) and save
it where you can easily find it on your hard drive or usb stick.

Option B:

If you are no longer using the NP software but still have it installed somewhere (or simply prefer
to export ALL of your rhythms at once) you don't even need to start your NP program:
Just find the DBF file containing ALL your rhythms - its name is rhythms.dbf and it should be
located on your hard drive at C:\program\notation\rhythms.dbf

Locate / Select / Open the DBF file:

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NOTE: The rhythm(s) in your import file will be added to your own collection as PRIVATE NOTATION.