Let´s Play the Djembe

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This is an introductory book for anyone who
is interested in learning how to play djembe.

Most of the material is derived from the book
African Drum Rhythms by the same author,
but there are also some new sections added.

The book comes in hardcover and consists
of 56 pages with notation and illustrations.
There is also a CD enclosed with the book.

Table of

The djembe
Playing posture
The three basic sounds
Three drum notes
Hand care
Playing exercises
Tips and advice
African polyrhythm
Two basic djembe parts

Signals and solos
Song accompaniment
Drumming with the kids
Drum storage
Tuning the drum
CD tracks list
About the author

The first part of the book shows you how to
play the djembe and how to read the simple
drum notation used in the playing exercises
and rhythms that follow.

The four rhythms that are presented in the
book, Raboday, Yanvalou, Kakilambe and
Yole, each have two or more djembe parts
which should be played together. The way
to play the rhythms is described in the
adjacent chapters.

There are also a couple of chapters about
using the djembe when singing or playing
with children, with some suggested rhythms
and games to play.

At the end of the book you can learn how
to take care of the djembe the right way.

You will also find the table of contents for
the CD that is included with the book, as
well as references to other djembe related
books and CDs.



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