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African Drum Rhythms for Djembes, Bass Drums and Bells (Textbook and 3 Examples CDs)

$ 74

Study Guide to the textbook (including notation sheets)
$ 22
Let´s Play the Djembe
(CD included)
Not available in English






1.   Kokou & Soli

$ 18

2.   Raboday & Macrou

$ 18

3.   Yole & Tiriba

$ 18

4.   Kpanlogo & Kakilambe

$ 18

5.   Cassa & Basikolo

$ 18

6.   Sorsornet & Koukou

$ 18

7.   Forêt & Liberté

$ 18

8.   Djankadi & Rumba

$ 18

9.   Sokou & Mandiani

$ 18

10. Doudoumba & Diansa

$ 18


Ensemble Tracks CD

$ 18


Study Guide with CD Set
(10 practice CDs included)

$ 110


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