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If you´re experiencing any problems when downloading, importing or contributing
to the Notation Playback Rhythm Exchange, first look at the Rhythm Page Example and then on this page. If you do not find the solution to your problem on any of those
pages, please describe the problem in an e-mail to:

Your problem and - hopefully - the solution will then be published below:

How do I copy the notation of a rhythm to the clipboard?

LH: On each notation page, there is a button at the bottom that reads "Import Rhythm
to NP". Pushing this button will open a page containing all the notation data in ASCII
format along with the instructions you need to copy it all to the clipboard.

Is your web-site exclusively for PCs, or does it work with Apple? And if it does , what am I doing wrong? I get no sound!

LH: The coding I use is very straightforward and is supposed to work on all platforms. However, since I don´t have access to a Mac, I can´t know for sure if it actually does.

If you know of any Mac user who has no problems with the online playback sound,
please let me know. I´m at a loss here!

I can´t play back long breaks - playback stops after the first line!

LH: Yes, the online playback feature is currently limited to playing back two-line parts. This is partly due to the complexity involved in playing back more lines, but it is also because of the copyright issue regarding long breaks and solo phrases: I don´t want to encourage publishing of notation that might fall under copyright laws. (See the copyright information on the NP Rhythm Exchange page.)

Why can´t I upload NP Export files to the NP Rhythm Exchange?

LH: The new Copy and Paste Export option in version 2.2 of Notation Playback will make it so much easier to contribute to the Rhythm Exchange - there are no files involved at all!
(Go to the NP Download Page to upgrade your program.)



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