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African Drum Rhythms
Educational tools for djembes, bass drums and bells by Lennart Hallstrom.
Books, Practice CDs, Free Software, Notation, Sound Samples, Rhythm Exchange.
(This very site!)

Aatmi Djembe
"West african musical instruments and drums, designed created and sold by the
group AATMI Djembe. Promotion of traditional west african music and culture."

Africa Alive
" the largest importer of professional musical instruments from West Africa.
Home office, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

African Rhythm Traders
"We carry a large selection of Latin and African drums, percussion instruments,
music, videos, & books."

Africa Sunu
West African percussion group in Japan.

Ancient Future
"The world music site of internationally acclaimed world fusion music ensemble
Ancient Future includes online instruction in the rhythms of Africa, Bali & India."

Arafan Touré
Website of the Living Legend from Guinea.

Arthur Hull/West Cliff Percussion
Home page of the drum circle, Links and more.

Babatunde Olatunji
Home site with pictures and reviews.

"We specialize in bringing you high quality hand drums and percussion of Indian, African,
Irish, and Middle Eastern origin at affordable prices."

Beat Factory
"An information page by Martin Haderer about djembe drumming and the djembe scene in
Austria. There are also descriptions of cd´s, books and musicians and groups in Austria."
(In German only.)

Bongo Central
"At Bongo Central we currently have drums of the Djembe, Sabar, and Bougarabou families,
some of which are pictured here. We endeavor to import only the best drums available."

Cultural Context of Djembe Rhythms
Edited, Cross-referenced, and Indexed from available literature by R Clark.

Dance or Die
Home page of African master dancer Abdoulaye Camara's dance company in the U.S.
Workshops, videos, music, clothes.

Dancing Hands Music
"We specialize in instructional books and videos designed to make the
drummer's path easier--especially for beginners."

Djembe teacher Detlef Wieland's site (in German).

Dutch djembe group and website in Dutch and English.

Djembe and Mande Music Resource and Reference Page
A site primarily devoted to the drumming, culture and other musical traditions
of the Mande peoples of West Africa.

Djembe Bali
Ika Mardianti Djembe African Hand Drum - & Hand Percussions FACTORY Business in Bali.
A site with various Djembe and Drum related products, information and with a special page on
Specialty Djembe & Drum linksafe and friendly place for people to trade djembe-related items.

Djembe Drums
Shorty Palmers drum site. Djembe pictures.

Djembe Dunun Drumset
Website of French drummer Maarten Schepers, author of an instructional book called
"Djembe Dunun Drumset, Traditional Malinké rhythms and drumset adaptation".
Great links collection.

"We aim to connect the international djembefola community
and be your Djembe and West African percussion resource on the internet."

Djembe List FAQ
The number one site for hand drum players! Mailing list, FAQ, Resources,
Notation, Links, etc! Maintained by Happy Shel.

Djembe no Brasil
Pedro Mendes´s website dedicated to west african culture, especially Guiné and Malinke music.
(In Portuguese)

Djembe Online
A beautiful French djembe site (in French)

Djembe Online - debate page
The Danish cultural magazine Djembe´s debate and communication page

José Ortega´s site with great photos of a lot of individual djembes for sale.
In English, Spanish and French.

Djembe & Dundun Multimedia E-store. Educational & Entertainment CD's, Videos, Books
about traditional west-African Percussions. Contains a great Archive (with a Forum) about
cultural Contexts of 130 traditional west-African Rhythms.

Dougies Drum Directory
Dougie Neillands´ notice board of drumming/dance related topics in the UK

Drum Connection
"The Drum Connection works to promote the most effective ways of learning to
play West African jembe and dunun, in a relaxed and supportive environment."

John Walter´s UK based business, devoted to "running drumcircles with an
African flavour (not exclusively) in a wide range of situations from preschool
groups to business conferences".

Drum Culture West Africa
African drums, djembe, drumming and dancing holidays in Gambia, West Africa.
Drum Culture is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic musicians from the UK,
Gambia, Guinea and other West African countries.

" is the first true multimedia web site for drummers and
percussionists where students see & hear real instruments being played!"

Drum Rhythm Transcriptions
Jim Salems rhythm collection.

Drums Around the World
" an annual simultaneous world wide drumming day.Our purpose is to Honor the traditions
of the drum, celebrate its power to unify humanity." / Global Alliance for Intelligent Arts

Drums From a Small Planet
"I welcome all of you to my world of drums and percussion. Drums have long been my
heartbeat. I share this beat with you here on our small planet." / Kenne Thomas

Drums on the Web
"Download your favorite music from drummers and percussionists! Interviews, photos and
on-line lessons from your favorite artists, free monthly e-mail newsletter, and Drum Circle
info from around the world".

Earthshaking Music
Instruments, CDs, Books, Tapes, Videos, Links and more. (new URL)

Eric Charry's Home Page
Djembe bibliography and discography, articles, audio and video examples.

Famoudou Konate
This site will be updated with FK2K tour details and more Famoudou Konate information.

Gamton Records/Publishing
"is a World Music Label,specializing mainly in percussion music from the Countries around
West Africa.Our aim is exposing our listners to different instruments and musical styles."

Doris Green´s notation system for African percussion instruments.
Pan African Performing Arts Preservation Association, Inc.

Holy Goat Percussion
"A small and highly personalized company that specializes in: Rhythm Workshops,
Jembe and Doundoun classes, Sales and Maintenance of jembes and doundouns."

Incredible Drums of Zurich
Hand drum information from Switzerland

International Teacher´s Listing
Happy Shel´s compilation of drum/dance teachers from the Djembe Mailing List.

Jahruba's Homepage
"African drumming is a wonderful way to teach rhythm, song, dance, culture,
discipline and self esteem"

Jaqui MacMillan´s Website
WOMEN´S DRUM BOOK, Workshops (Washington) and Links

Jembe List
A mailing list "dedicated to furthering the study and appreciation of jembe
traditions in Africa and abroad" started by Eric Charry at Wesleyan University.

Jerry´s Jungle
Home page of Jerry Z with great instructions on Drumming for Dance and
djembe reheading. Online drum class under construction.

Jim Greiner´s Hands-On! Drumming
"Jim travels the world as a percussionist/educator/LP Clinician and
corporate/community drum circle leader."

John´s Music
"Celebrating Percussion Traditions From Around The World. The one & only store of its kind."

West African performance ensemble featuring Lindsay Rowlands
Also: Exercises, Sound Files, Drum Dimensions and more.

Kalani Music
Kalani´s very comprehensive drum site with great links

Kamuran's Doumbek Rhythm Guide
Easy-to-ready, consistent notation and difficulty ratings for over 90 rhythms for doumbek
and related instruments (300+ rhythms including the variations)

Kebba´s Home Page
Peter "Kebba" Löber´s drum site (in German)

Kenne Thomas
Drummer, Percussionist, Author, Educator (see also "Drums From a Small Planet")

"King" Marong
"From West Africa, King Marong has arrived as Gambia's pulsating musical ambassador."
He is now based in Adelaide, Australia.

Lark In The Morning
World Music Instruments, Books, Recordings, Videos, etc.

Learn the Djembe Mailing List
A list set up by John Barron for people who are absolute beginners,
to intermediate, who want to learn the djembe.

Liewil's Djembe Pages
"Info on African percussion: background, maintenance, rhythms, great recordings,
photos and info on activities in Belgium." By Willie Camerman.

Maimouna Keita School of African Dance
A tax-exempt organization founded in 1983 by Marie Basse-Wiles, from Dakar,
Senegal, West Africa, and the late Olukose Wiles.

Mamady Keita
Mary Overby´s site, including Mary´s djembe links.

Magic Drums
Ariane Werres's school for djembe playing in Belgium (in French only).

Medusa's Musical Mysteries
The website of Helen Bond, including drums, classes, videos, CDs and more.

Multi Kulti
The best World Music shop in Sweden.

Musiques d'Afrique
Frank Bessem's site with a selection of musicians of some African countries
(Guinea, Mali and Senegal are represented).

Na Kiri
Djembe group from Holland, Links.

Scott Davidson´s drum and percussion catalog store web site. CDs, books, videos etc.

Ritmi e Danze Afro
"An Italian cultural association which promotes the study and spreading of Afro
cultures, with particular reference to West Africa."

Paulo Mattioli´s site, including Djembe drums, Djembe drumming instructional
videos, CDs and cassettes, events, re-heading, tuning and care, drum circles.

Rhythms For Djembe And Friends

Andreas Schamaneks rhythms page.

A domain devoted to the art of rhythm. Rhythm notation, MIDI examples + more.

Rootsy Records
RootsyRecords is a traditional djembe drumming record label based in San Francisco, CA
and was founded by Abdouli Diakite and Jeremy Chevrier.

Talking Drums - Percussion From Around the World
CDs, Tapes, Instruments, etc.

Texas Drums Home Page
Information and links maintained by Happy Shel.

WAP - West African Percussion
West African rhythms and lyrics transcribed by Paul Nas.

Welcome to the Groove
Djembe rhythms from west Africa with Puma and Akka Hoberg (in German)

Westafrikaanse Percussie (Tubab Muso)
A Dutch site by Wil Veenstra with MP3 rhythms and sound samples.

Yaya Diallo - the Healing Drum Tour
Join the author of the great book "The Healing Drum" on a trip to West Africa!

YAPP - Yet Another Percussion Page
Austrian site on rhythm notation by Raphael Kronberger (in English)

Swiss site by Jean-Marc Baudat in French and English, dedicated to the practice of djembe.

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