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Last updated 2013-09-21

African Drum Rhythms Notation Playback
Notation freeware by Lennart Hallstrom that not only files your notation but also
plays it back!

Copyright Primer on Computer Music Files
You may substitute the word Computer with MIDI, MOD, WAV, RA, RMI etc, since
everything said applies to all music file formats and all sound recording methods

PC Drummer
DOS drum machine shareware

Percussion Studio
Henry Kellner´s program "can play multiple instrument voices simultaneously,
and each track is mutable so you can play along and learn individual parts."

Shareware Music Machine
Here you will find software related to drums and other percussion instruments - includes
drum modules, loop tools, drum sequencers, learning aids and heaps more

Y-Rhythm Visualization
A freeware by Pierre Dragicevic for percussionists who need to understand and correct their rhythmic inaccuracies without bothering with metronomes, predefined patterns and configuration options.



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