African Drum Rhythms - The Textbook

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African Drum Rhythms for Djembes, Bass
Drums and Bells
(Lennart Hallstrom, 2000),
consists of 160 illustrated, wire bound A4
size pages, with more than 300 exercises.

It is intended for beginners as well as more
advanced drummers and can be used for
self-tuition, study groups or drum classes.

The rhythms in the book are illustrated with
simple drum notation, specially created for
African drum rhythms. All of the exercises
are also included on the 3 Examples CDs.

Part 1


46 pages

1. African Drum Rhythms - an outline of the book´s contents and disposition.
2. The Drums - a presentation of the djembe, the bass drums and the iron bell.
3. Polyrhythm - about character parts, accompaniment parts, signals and solos.
4. Playing Posture - how to sit or stand when playing the different drums.
5. Basic Strokes - how to play the basic sounds of the djembe and bass drums.
6. Drumming Basics - rhythm, tempo, volume, accent, meter, melody, style.
7. Notation - the notation system used in the book is thoroughly introduced.
8. Handing - six different ways of shifting hands when playing the djembe.
9. Learning How to Play - ways of learning, stages of progress, tips & advice.

Part 2


72 pages

1. Meter and Tone - an outline of the contents and arrangement of this section.
2. Pulse and Tempo - sorting out the differences between these two topics.
3. "Lead-in" - about rhythms that do not begin at the "one" of the stroke patten.
4. "Four-count Rhythms" - bass parts, bell parts, djembe parts and signals.
5. "Shuffle Rhythms" - different ways of playing and notating "shuffle rhythms".
6. "Six-count Rhythms" - bass parts, bell parts, djembe parts and signals.
7. Djembe Exercises - djembe exercises for developing basic playing technique,
handing, tempo, flams and rolls - from simple basics to advanced drumming.

Part 3


36 pages

1. West African Background - a briefing on the history and social development
of West Africa, with table data about countries that have a living djembe tradition.
2. Ngoma - drums, dance and song; an indivisible concept in African culture and
a fundamental tradition that has long been used instead of a written language.
3. Drum Care - about drum manufacturing, reheading, how to tighten the drum,
appropriate storage of the drum and what to consider before buying a djembe.
The drummer´s hands and how to wear a shoulder strap when playing standing.
4. References - recommended literature and music, practice CDs, PC drum
notation, rhythm index, copyright information, glossary and acknowledgements.



Copyright 2000 Lennart Hallström, Glasbruksvägen 57, SE-361 94 Eriksmåla, Sweden
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