"AKWABAA" - Rhythms Across Ghana
  by Stephan Skov and Samuel Papa Kwamina Takyl

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A book for those who want to play and learn
a variety of rhythms and songs from Ghana, played on traditional Ghanaian drums like the Kpanlogo, Kaga, Kidi, Sogo and Atsimevu.

The book is 61 pages, including Western notation and illustrations. There are also two CDs enclosed with the book, filled with live audio examples of all the rhythms and songs.

Table of

12 Rhythms

28 Songs

The songs
The drums
Stroke techniques

Slow and Fast Apatampa
Sohu part 1-3
Slow and Fast Atsiagbekor

Notation system
CD 1 tracklist
CD 2 tracklist

The first part of the book contains a short presentation of Ghana, the languages, Ghanaian drums and basic stroke techniques.

The second part of the book, called Rhythms, presents the history of each rhythm along with the instrumental setup and the notation - with references to the corresponding tracks on the enclosed CDs.

Each rhythm consists of a bell part and 2-4 supporting drum parts. In the audio examples on the CDs you can hear the whole ensemble as well as the master drums played alone on separate tracks.
The level of difficulty varies from beginner to advanced.

The third part of the book is called Songs. This is where you find the lyrics and English translations of all the 28 songs on the CDs. Most of the songs are related to the rhythms presented in the book.

The book can be ordered from Stephan Skov by email: stephanskov@hotmail.com
(It can be bundled with an order from this site, to reduce payment/shipping costs.)

The author Stephan Skov is from Denmark, but he is presently living in Sweden.
(Rutger Fuchsgatan 8, SE-116 67 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel +46-(0)8-642 11 66.)
He will soon have a website of his own, with a lot more information on his book.



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